Program Requirements


The minimum age requirement for a Nurse Aide Student is 16 years old. A candidate for Nurse Aide Certification with the Alaska Board of Nursing must be a minimum of 18 years old at the time of testing. Applicants must maintain a valid driver license, passport, or equivalent government issued photo identification. A copy can be submitted with your application. You will be asked to present the original at your applicant interview.


Applicants must be a high school graduate or have obtained a GED (General Education Diploma). If you have not previously taken college placement exams you will need to have a reading proficiency assessment at your applicant interview.

High School Diploma

  • The easiest approach to getting a copy of your diploma is to contact your old high school. They should be able to mail you a copy or at least point you in the direction of someone who can. Call, email, or check your high school’s website. There may be a request forms page that you can use to request a copy of your diploma. If your school and school district are no longer around, you’ll need to contact the state’s department of education. They will have records of any high schools, even the ones that are shut down.

General Education Diploma

  • Protocols vary from state to state, the process of getting a copy will depend on where you live. Nobody is more familiar with the local GED procedures than the nearby testing center. Wherever you took your exam, locate the number for the facility and give them a call. If you earned your certificate through an education program, you can contact them instead. Let them know that you lost your GED certificate and need a copy. Some organizations may be able to arrange for a replacement right away.



Applicants will need to complete a Basic Life Support (BLS) Course. This is a version of a CPR/FirstAid course specifically for a healthcare setting.

  • If you have a CPR certification but it is not the BLS version, you will need to also complete the BLS course.
  • If you already have BLS, ensure your card doesn’t expire during the program.

BLS Certification Options:

Traditional Certification Class

This option is generally a few hours long and cost around $75-$100. You can do an internet search for “CPR Certification” near you. Choose any center you would like, just ensure they offer the American Heart Association (AHA) version and that it is a BLS class.

Some examples are:

American Heart Association BLS Certification

This option is a two part course. The first portion is online. It is guided learning with a computer simulated final exam. When completed, you will need to print your ‘certificate of completion’ for the training.

For the online portion of the course:

For the second portion an instructor will evaluate your competency utilizing what you have learned online. You will demonstrate CPR skills using a test manikin.

You can contact any CPR training center and ask if they have an instructor that can do the BLS skills check-off for you. Provide the instructor with your “certificate of completion”. The fee is usually around $75-$100.

An example is:

Immunizations and Screenings

Childhood Vaccinations

You will need to provide documentation that you have had the following childhood vaccinations or have blood work done to check for immunity to the following diseases:

  • Measles / Mumps / Rubella
    • Documentation of two (2) past vaccinations or blood test for immunity
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
    • Documentation of two (2) past vaccinations or blood test for immunity
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis
    • Documentation of one (1) past vaccination that contained the pertussis vaccine or blood test for immunity
  • Hepatitis B
    • Documentation of the vaccination series of three (3) doses of the vaccine or blood test for immunity

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening

  • Documentation of freedom from TB within the last 12 months by either a negative TB Skin Test or blood testing (Quantiferon)

Influenza (Flu Shot)

  • Documentation of the current flu season vaccination in the last 12 months

If you are having difficulty figuring out what records, vaccinations, screenings, testing or bloodwork you need, one option would be to fax the Vaccination and Screening Student Tool (download below) to where you received your vaccines; past clinics, providers, or health departments.

Your primary heath care provider often offers all of these required screenings and immunizations. If you don’t already have a provider or finding a provider isn’t and option for you, most pharmacies offer vaccinations and most local clinics, labs, and health departments offer blood testing, screening, as well as vaccinations.

Background Check and Fingerprint Cards

As part of your application to the Mat-Su CNA Training Program you will need an initial background check. That process is twofold. During your applicant interview for Mat-Su CNA, someone will assist you to initiate the background check. That is done online with the State of Alaska.

Prior to the day of your interview, ensure your “myalaska” account has been updated and that you know your login and password. Anyone who has filed for a PFD has one. If you do not have an account, even if you are not a resident of Alaska, please create one here.

The state charges a fee of $88.25. You will need to bring a credit card or debit card with you that day in order to pay the online fee. You need an “eligible” determination in order to do clinical training with patients. If you have had a background check with the Alaska DHSS Background Check Program done within the last year, please let us know before having your fingerprint cards done.

After starting the process online, a set of your fingerprints will need to be mailed to the State Background Check Program. You will eventually need a second fingerprint card when you submit your application to the Board of Nursing. That application will be to apply for your nursing license after you have completed the course. With that application there will also be an additional fingerprint processing fee. Your instructor will assist you with completing the application during class.

Since a separate fingerprint card will need to be submitted with each application. We ask that you go ahead and have 2 cards completed. Bring both of those cards with you to your applicant interview. Most applicants will have their cards done professionally to ensure the cards are not rejected. You do not have to have them done professionally, but they do need to be on a state approved fingerprint card. You can request State approved fingerprint cards through the Board of Nursing Website.

The cost for two cards is usually around $40. You can find a list of businesses that perform fingerprinting by following this link, looking in the yellow pages, or doing a Google search. It is a good idea to call before you go to make sure the person who does the fingerprinting is the working that day.

Some examples are:

  • UPS Wasilla
    • (907) 376-6245
    • 2521 E Mountain Village Dr STE B Wasilla, AK 99654
  • UPS Meadow Lakes
    • (907) 373-6245
    • 7362 W Parks Hwy, Wasilla, AK 9965
  • CSG
    • (907) 331-0396
    • 2001 E. Foundry Way Wasilla, Alaska 99654
  • CasTech Fingerprinting Services
    • (907) 337-0575
    • 2217 E Tudor Rd STE 12 Anchorage, AK 99507

Drug Testing

You will need to provide results of a negative drug screen. This is most commonly done as a urine drug screen but a blood draw is an acceptable method as well. It would be described as a “10 panel” drug screen, testing for the “10 drugs of abuse”. This would need to be done during the 14 day period prior to your first day of class.

Please request that results be sent to Mat-Su CNA Training Program via email to or via fax to (907) 561-9233 Attention: Angie Thursby, RN. It would also be acceptable for you to request a copy of your medical records and provide the program with a copy of those lab results.

Drug Screenings are typically done at most clinics, laboratories, and medical offices. Primary Care Providers usually offer this to their patients as a walk-in lab test. Most laboratories require a provider’s “order” to perform any testing, though. If you do not have a primary care provider to write an order, there are at least two labs in Wasilla who can do testing without an order already in place.

  • Valley Phlebotomy Services
    • (907) 376-6435
    • 951 E Bogard #100, Wasilla 99654
    • Monday-Friday 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.
    • Call for an appointment. $75 (cash only)
  • Wasilla Medical Clinic
    • (907) 373-3065
    • 1700 E Parks Hwy, #200, Wasilla 99654
    • Monday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm