Program Requirements

The minimum age requirement for the program is 15 years old. The Alaska Board of Nursing does not have a minimum age restriction. Applicants must maintain a valid driver’s license, passport, or equivalent government-issued photo identification. Please submit a copy with your application.

You need to provide documentation that you have had the childhood vaccinations listed below. However, if you can not easily obtain your childhood vaccination records, you could have blood work done to check for immunity to these diseases. Vaccinations are not a requirement, but clinical sites are required to have documentation of your vaccine status.

Suggestions on how to get your records:

  • Ask your parents.
  • Call your childhood doctor’s office to get a copy of your vaccine record.
  • If you went to school in Alaska, the last school you attended may also be able to provide you with this record.
  • If you have native benefits, call your Native Clinic and ask for a copy of your vaccine records. Ask your current doctor for a copy, if you have are in the “VacTrack” database.

You can get blood testing ordered by your healthcare provider or done at most clinics. Blood tests are available for numbers 1, 2, and 4 listed below. If you do not have documentation of 3, it makes more sense to get the shot. Consider these costs if you are applying for financial aid.

  1. Measles/Mumps/Rubella – Documentation of two (2) past vaccinations or blood test for immunity
  2. Varicella (Chicken Pox) – Documentation of two (2) past vaccinations or blood test for immunity
  3. Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis – Documentation of one (1) past vaccinations that contained the pertussis vaccine
  4. Hepatitis B – Documentation of the vaccination series of three (3) doses of the vaccine or blood test for immunity

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening – Documentation of freedom from TB within the last 12 months by either a negative TB skin test or blood testing (Quantiferon). A TB skin test is a bubble of fluid placed in the lower forearm. You have to return to have it looked at (read by the nurse) two days after, but no later than day three. Please consider your timing when you schedule. You only need to submit the final reading results.

Influenza (Flu Shot) – Documentation of the current flu season vaccination status. The vaccine is not required. But if you have had the vaccine, please provide a copy of that documentation.

Covid 19 Vaccination – Documentation of vaccinations or an exemption request. Mat-Su Regional Medical Center requires all students that are not fully vaccinated to wear N95 masks and have bi-weekly Covid testing. If you are required to wear an N95, you will need to have N95 Fit testing. If you are not vaccinated, please let me know. There is a specific form from Mat-Su Regional that you need to request a religious exemption. Students are responsible for testing every two weeks and emailing results.

Applicants will need to complete a Basic Life Support (BLS) Course. This is a version of a CPR/FirstAid course specifically for a healthcare setting.

  • If you have a CPR certification, but it is not the BLS version, you will also need to complete the BLS course.
  • If you already have BLS, ensure your card doesn’t expire during the program.
  • If you need BLS, you can ask about the certification course offered by Mat-Su CNA. That is usually on the first week of each class.

The State of Alaska Background Check Program is online. Before the school can see if you already have an active background check in the state system, we need the following:

  1. Completed school application
  2. A copy of your ID
  3. A signed Release of Information

If you need an updated background check, the school will initiate the application online and then let you know you need to do the following:

  1. Pay the $88.25 fee online through “services” in your “myAlaska” account, the
    website where you file for your PFD. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one.
  2. Print off the fingerprint authorization form from the website after you pay your fee.
  3. Mail that form and one set of fingerprints (make sure the top of the card is completed, and it requires two stamps for postage) to:

4601 Business Park Blvd Building K
Anchorage, AK 99503

How to get fingerprint cards:

  1. You can have your prints done anywhere, but most applicants will have their fingerprints professionally done to ensure they are using the correct fingerprint card and that the submitted prints are not rejected.
  2. MatSu Valley residents usually use Wasilla UPS store.
  3. A few other suggestions are listed below. It is a good idea to call first to ensure the person who does the fingerprinting is working that day.
    • UPS Wasilla: (907) 376-6245 2521 E Mountain Village Dr
    • CSG: (907) 331-0396 2001 E. Foundry Way Wasilla
    • CasTech Fingerprinting Services: (907) 337-0575 2217 E Tudor Rd STE 12 Anchorage

You will eventually need to submit an application to the Board of Nursing, which also requires a set of fingerprints. We will do this application together during the first week of class. If you’re having prints done, you should get two sets done to save a trip.

You’ll need the following Information:

Employer/Address: Mat-Su CNA Training Program
12130 E Maple Springs Way STE 300
Palmer, AK 99645

Card 1: Reason/ Student Background Check
Card 2: Reason/ CNA Application *Bring this card to school on the first day of class

The background check has to be finished, with an “eligible” determination, prior to starting the program. After the state receives your fingerprints, it takes at least two weeks. So get this part done early.

The Mat-Su CNA Training Program application documents can be submitted by email to or our website. To request a link where you can upload documents online, email At minimum your completed application and a copy of your ID must be submitted in order to be enrolled in the training program. After this, you will receive an enrollment letter with your student ID number included. However, all required documents listed in this packet will need to be submitted to finalize your class start date.

Mat-Su Health Foundation Vocational Scholarship

  • If you have lived in the Mat-Su Valley for at least the last 12 months, you are eligible to apply. It’s just a
    quick 10-15 minute application online. I can send a little “how-to” guide if you want. The funds from the foundation can assist students with the total cost of the program. You will need to provide the school with a copy of your submitted scholarship application.

Maple Springs Work Commitment Program:

  • Palmer, Wasilla, and Anchorage Skilled Nursing Facilities will cover the costs of your training in exchange for a one-year commitment to work for them after you obtain your Nursing Aide Certification. If you want, I can give you the contact person for each facility. You will need to provide the school with a copy of your signed contract.

You will need to provide the results of a negative drug screen. This is most commonly done as a urine drug screen, but a blood draw is also an acceptable method. The drug screen will need to be testing for at least the “10 drugs of abuse” panel. Legal or prescribed medication will not negatively impact your results. If the results are made available to you on the day of the testing, please request the results be sent to you, not the school. You will need to submit a copy of those lab results yourself.

You can have a drug test done at a doctor’s office or a clinic or ask your doctor to send an order to a lab where you typically have your blood drawn. Students pay for this testing out of pocket. If you do not have a primary care provider to write an order, there are at least two labs in Wasilla that can do testing. See below. Most other laboratories require a ‘doctor’s order’ to perform any testing. Don’t forget to carry your ID!


  • Valley Phlebotomy Services (907) 376-6435 951 E Bogard #100, Wasilla 99654 Hours: M-F 8a-12p and 1p-4p. Call for an appointment. They charge $75 and only take cash.
  • Wasilla Medical Clinic (907) 373-3065 1700 E Parks Hwy, #200, Wasilla 99654 M-F 9a-8p Sat-Sun 10a-6p

ENSURE a copy of any testing results have been submitted to Mat-Su CNA prior to the enrollment deadline. You will need to follow up with the lab to ensure you obtain copies of your results when they are available.